Terminal Station: HSR - Blind Man's Buff

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The Hyper Sonic Resonator’s third musical offering, & second terminalstation release, Blind Man’s Buff emerges out of live projects & shows performed during 2009.

Composed as a four-part fugue with strange segues & voices drifting in, linking up, looping & punctuating throughout, The Hyper Sonic Resonator’s Blind Man’s Buff is an odyssey of sound; a bizarre, hilarious & occasionally frightening take on the genre of musical improvisation.

The sound comes from a Steptoe-like, Thrift-Shop pillage of vintage equipment: dusting off the DX7, circuit-bending the Crumar string section, illegal 8-bit sampling raids, the resuscitation of ancient-relic analogue synths, & recombining & re-wiring these sacred objects & cultural artefacts with HSR’s usual irreverent black humour.

Official Site: http://www.terminalstation.co.uk

Releseas: http://www.terminalstation.co.uk/audio.html

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thehypersonicresonator

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